Etymology/ The history of English language

Etymology is the study of the history of language and where it is from. One the first round of literacy, We’ve been focusing on this splendid lesson with excitement. As an English Learner, we’ve been trying hard to know and understand more about this language. The English language is from Latin and Greek and most of them are created in Church. There were so many articles that we read such as day’s name, black death, dog, Exhibition of work. All of the articles are related to how Language change over time. One example for the exhibitions is that it is the collection of his work that has written and made a big impact on English. His accomplishments are play and more. Moreover, the purpose of this round lesson is learning new vocabulary and the root word. Our teacher would us a home packet that contains 10 vocabularies and some exercise with word on Monday every week.

There were also a lot of interesting articles I’ve read about in this round. I’ve read about the silence GIF that people can hear the sound. The GIF contains the movement of voltage electricity that jumps over a rope and the picture shake. The scientist discovers and finds out that many people heard the sound when they look in the gif. As I sometimes also hear the GIF I think that people heard the sound because when voltage electricity jump and touch the group it will shake. It creates the sound from the brain because people see things falling and has the sound in their daily life.

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