Uses and importance of fraction in our daily life


Math is known to be one of the most important subjects in the world. It can involve or relate to our world and our life in different ways. Fraction as a part of this important subject is also crucial for our daily life. Without examples, you may still wonder or want to more so I have come up with some examples.

Imagine you are going to your grocery store with 200$. Due to your luck or special celebration, the store makes a special discount with 25 percent off the price in your spending. You may need to think of how much would you have to spend with the discount using a fraction.

It’s your friend’s birthday party and you would want to try and bake a beautiful cake to make that day even more beautiful. Can you picture wouldn’t it be bad without measuring your ingredients to bake the precious cake? Using fraction you will know how much of an ingredient you might need in a cup or spoon. After measuring and leave your cake in one of those baking stoves the decorations are ready for the birthday party.

Time is important in every single person’s life. With studying, working, family trip, hanging out with a friend or your own time you should manage your time wisely with a daily schedule. In the absence of fraction, it wouldn’t be as organized. Now let’s get make the schedule for your homework on weekend. From 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock half of ½ the hour you will spend on finishing your math homework. Another quarter of an hour which is from 6:30 to 7:30  you will spend on your computer science assignment. ½ of an hour or quarter of an hour using this method which is exactly fraction help you to organize and divide your time into section wisely.

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