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Angles is one of the elements of geometry. It doesn’t only exist in the math world but it was created with a purpose. Before reading all of these post, considered you have ten seconds to think about why angle exist and what the point of learning it for the real world.

Angles have different name considered of how many degrees it turns. There are varieties of types listed in the textbook such as acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex and more. But what is the point of learning it to really apply to our real world?

Photography and Filming:

If you are a photographer,  you should know that there are different angles for taking a photo. If you don’t know or never learned angle it isn’t easy to take the photo without knowing where is the angle you want to take. When you learned and understand clearly about every type of angle, taking a photo in the angle you wanted to wouldn’t be hard at all. For filming, in the movie or video it must have different angle shot to put together with details without angle it will mess up around. With different angles in a video, it can make the video more interesting for the audience to watch. 


By: Catalyst

If you are an engineer, geometry is very important to many factors to make your project better. Furthermore, an angle can be a very important element for those too. Due to the fact that the engineer must think about the angle that the building is facing and the sun. The right balance of sunlight and daylight in a building is crucial to people’s wellbeing. If an engineer doesn’t consider it properly, the building might end up to be overheated. For people’s health, they also really want to stay in place with natural sunlight to work better.  

Playing golf: 

By: Andrew Rice Golf

When you’re playing golf, what you have to know is the angled wrist. In order to swing to the path, it needs to have the position and the right angle throughout the swing. You need to learn the skill of putting the right angle of your wrist to swing it into the right hole.

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