The Journey of Digital Art | Technology and Multimedia


In the present day, creativity can be made in so many form and structure. They can be made through painting, dancing, film, movie, literature, performing art, architecture, etc. It allows us to cross a door out of the boundary and create things from our soul, imagination, individuality, and inspiration. While there are so many ways, technology is one of the latest ways I’ve tried to be open to any creativity. In technology and multimedia class, students can choose different projects to work on using technology independently. I’ve chosen two of the Adobe software which is Photoshop and Illustrator.

Due to the passion I have about art, I’ve tried to make some digital art inside the Adobe software. The main tool I’ve used to outline most of the time is the pen tool. It allows the artist to create shapes with freeform curves. Unlike the pencil or paintbrush, it doesn’t drag where ever you want it to be. It wasn’t easy and comfortable when I first use it but from time to time it becomes much easier and faster.



Another challenge I face with digital art is coloring. I’ve been working with many projects in those software and one of them is turning my favorite portrait into a traditional Khmer dance cloth to a Cartoon portrait inspired by Dolify doll created by Dave Álvarez. When I do coloring I need to make sure that all of the skin shading and color is right. There all also different part of faces like the face, lip, eyes and many more. In addition to those portraits, I’ve done artworks such as watercolor portrait, Winnie the Pooh and gradient rose in the sky.

Gradient rose in the sky – Adobe Photoshop
A watercolor portrait – Adobe Photoshop
The moon and the Sun – Adobe Photoshop


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