Poetry Study | An art to reflect your soul


The word Poetry has been used in English for more than 6 decades. It comes from the Greek word Poiētēs, meaning “to make”. Poetry is the genre created to express the emotion, feeling, loss and diversity of the human’s mind. There are different types and form of poetry in English literature. Furthermore, more than 50 types of the poem were created such as haiku, free verse, cinquains, epic, ballad, acrostic, sonnet, etc. They have a different structure, uniqueness, length, verse, rhythm and the core beauty of it. Poet prefers the poem by the rules or the styles of rhythm it has. 

Poetry is the essence of language and language is the mirror of the soul” Scott Griffin

Poetry is written at the small tip of a pen with emotion rushing through on the paper using letters. Good poetry can paint and illustrate the picture and emotion vividly. Moreover, it has the power to change people’s mind through the meaning of the words. Poetry is beyond definition hidden in imagination. 

What makes a good Poetry?

There’s no best poetry, it depends on what the audience learn and their reaction to your poetry. Emotions are one of the keys to create a great poem but you also need to display those emotions to deliver the message to your audience. In order to write to display those emotion, thoughts, inspiration, word choice is the essential key. With great word choice arranging in a great structure, it’s a way to create good poetry. Rhyme is an additional feature you can include for your poem like a beat of a rhythm. Besides those keys, your creativity is very important. You can use creativity by showing different types of meaning, metaphor, similes that are deep within the meaning and beyond the definition. After those process, the last step is to revise it over and over again. With all of the revising, you can develop your poem and fixed the mistake you like or don’t like. 

In Conclusion, poetry is like a form of art to reflect your soul by using words, structures, metaphor, similes, emotion, experience and many more. It doesn’t matter who you are because poetry itself has a meaning that allows you to create a piece of art from your soul. 

Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow” – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam    

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