Wondering of an Atom

On the lesson that we’ve been discussing is the atom. The matter is made up of atom even if the atom is very small that we don’t have the ability to see it with our eyes. The center of the atom is called the nucleus. The nucleus is neutron and proton surround by the electron. The nucleus is made up of neutron and proton. Proton has charge well neutron has no charge. As a comparison, if an atom is the size of a stadium the nucleus would be the size of a peanut. It is very small. On the other hand, the smallest thing that has discovered so far is quark which is what created proton and neutron.

In general, I am amazed at how small atom is but there are still so many ingredients that made it up such as an electron, nucleus proton, neutron, and quark. I would love to have more opportunity to learn about science to allow myself to have more knowledge about it.

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This is an example of an atom that we use to learn more about an Atom