Indigenous community | Exploration

Indigenous community is an exploration to promote and raise awareness about other Indigenous groups daily lifestyle, culture, and history. To do this we have to go and explore the places they were living in. It was 7 weeks project for us to go on a trip with the goal to create a book. We have two main trips to Kampong Speu Province and Mondulkiri.

Trip to Kampong Speu

  • A group photo with ingenious community of Souy

We have interviewed so many indigenous people and learned about their daily life. In Kampong Speu, we met an indigenous group called “Suoy”. There are so many interesting folklore and taboo they practice which was very interesting. After interviewing them we also visited a very famous place called Hot spring that has very popular folklore from the souy community.

Trip to Ratanakiri

  • This is Tompoun Weaver house, but they don’t use it right now. They do the weaver at their house

Besides going to Kampong Speu, we spend 5 days in Ratanakiri. We didn’t only visit one indigenous minority group but we visited 4 indigenous community such as Kachok, Tompoun, Jarai, kroeung, and an organization. One of my highlights would be their handmade product which is very beautiful and helpful for daily life even without modern technology. Furthermore, some of the house of the community and the way they lived together is very unique. 

For Ratanakiri, itself is a precious province with a lot of mountain and nature surrounding us. The mountain some are high and short with forest yellow flower planted on the top. The sound of nature in the morning was relaxing and also very nice to be away from all the technology in the city. 

What we have learned?

During the trip to Kampong Speu, every student have a different task for interviewing such as geography, population, history, language, folklore, story, belief, culture tradition, food, sonorm, and art. A skill we were developing was interviewing skill with strangers. While we were interviewing, due to the different language it isn’t always easy to speak. Fortunately, they are very friendly toward us and after speaking together for a while they share a lot of story with us. 

Their daily life was very interesting and follow as it adapts to the place they live. They have believed in their ancestor and most of the group are very strict about all the believes. A fascinating fact about the indigenous community that lives near each other, some of them are very similar to the culture and taboo. I’ve interviewed a lot of people in different community but some of them even have the same last name. Lastly, our final product was a documentary book and blog you can visit.

Traveling Community Theater


  • This is the 1st example of the Theater 3D model

The excitement came after I knew I was going to be a part of Traveling community theater. The purpose of the exploration is to create movable theater that can travel anywhere in Cambodia. One more of our main goal is for Cambodia to gain experience from our movable theatre and gain knowledge from watching our educational play.

There are so many groups were divided among the member of 15 students. Groups changes over the period of 7 weeks. After divided group brainstorming, the teacher divided us into bigger groups such as video, 3D model, logo, crowdfunding,  and animation. I was in the 3d model group which I and my another teammate need to create one or more models of how our theater will look like in Sketchup. It was very useful because we get more idea after studying from the 3d models. I’ve learned to know very well about SketchUp and get creative about it. Before the 7 weeks end, we have some time to prepare the products and presentation for the sharation(The event that liger host to give the opportunity for students to share what they’ve learned). The task of my team is to print them in 3d models. Unfortunately, It didn’t go well with as plans because the 3d printing magic broke. Luckily, my team came up with a new solution which we can show the audience the model in the computer with animation.

In general, I had a lot of joy in participating and looking forward to the actual theatre to exist in real life. The exploration will continue for the next round that gives other students to have an opportunity for the new skill.