Ratio and comparison



Imagine you want to compare the number of girls and boys in your math class. Example The students who are girls is 88 students and the boys are 80 students. When you write in ratio it should be 88:80. The reading form is 88 to 80. It could be simplified to 11 : 10. By using ration and simplified the number ratio play a really useful way of comparing the number of girl and boys students in the class to see the difference quickly. It is also similar to the fraction with the way we simplified them. The order of the ratio given in the exercise or form in words is also very important.

Example: Find the ratio of pineapple to strawberry. As you can see in the picture there are 6 strawberries and 4 pineapples. The correct answer would be 4 : 6 because the exercise or problem are asking you to arrange the ratio of pineapple to strawberry.

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