Basic photography course

“Each detail in a photo are captured to observe” this is my personal quote. Photography is one of my beloved subject in art. When I learn and explore more about photography it changes the way I look at the beauty of the world. Even I see a light bulb, sunset, mountain, birds, flower, leaf, those thing made me want to bring up a camera and captured a photo to see it again in the future. In my opinion, photography is like a  reversal moment to look back at after taking step forward. I am also thankful to my school for having new essential which is Technology and Multimedia.

In this round, We are focusing on multimedia and one of the course is photography basics.

There are two types of cameras have invented so far. They are DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex) and Mirrorless. The difference between the two cameras is how they captured the light for the photographer to see in the viewfinder. DSLR can be called optical viewfinder(OVF) because they have a mirror that allows light to go in and reflect in your viewfinder. On the other side, Mirrorless camera has an electronic viewfinder(EVF). It doesn’t have the mirror but they capture the light and relays it into your electronic viewfinder. You can also understand the two types of cameras but knowing that mirrorless camera uses electric for the viewfinder while DSLR doesn’t need to use any. There are slightly a lot of materials that create a photo

Exposure is the amount of light reaching the camera sensor. There are three things that affect the exposure. It consists of Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO. Below is the picture of triangle exposure which allow you to understand how they affect the exposure.

Shutter speed is the amount of time the shutter open to allow the light in. The longer the shutter open is the more light that permit to be in the photo. They are measure in fraction of second(Ex: 1/100). They affect how motion is captured depending on situations such as sport, waterfall, shooting star and more. A very interesting type of photo created by shutter speed is Light Painting. If want to do the light painting photo you will need to set your Shutter speed to be very long to permit the light in. These are some example of the photo

Aperture is the size of len allowing the light to enter. It affect the depth in field(bluring) Just to keep in mind that the small the number is the bigger the size of len. The wider the temperature is the blurer it is. The wide aperture (i.e f/1.8) has shallow depth in field which mean it is good if you want to take picture of a subject with blurring background.Narrow aperture (i.e. f/11) has a deep depth of field it is good for landscapes/scenery.


ISO is how sensitive your camera to light. It can also represent how dark and bright is your photo too. If you increase ISO your photo will be bright and your Shutter will also increase. One of the advantage of increasing ISO is they create noise color. Noise color are small dots of color in your photo. It is best to keep ISO low only increase when aperture and shutter speed adjustments are not enough.

Lastly, We also studied some types of camera shots such as fong shot, full shot, medium shot, close-up, extreme close-up, low angles, high angles, eye level, dutch-angle/tilt, over the shoulder and birds eye view.

Interesting fact

A very interesting type of photo created by shutter speed is Light Painting. If you want to do the light painting photo you will need to adjust your Shutter speed to be very long to permit the light in. These are some example of the photo you can also give feedback for the photo you like the most. THANK YOU!





This is the presentation that our teacher cindy use to teach us:


Environmental Justice| Research and Discussion

Environmental Justice as a given definition it means The fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, incomes and educational levels with respect to the development and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies. It is a breathtaking lesson to learn and explore. We have research on how the lack of fairness of Environmental Justice affects our world as a whole. Our teacher (Hannah) has given us the opportunity to research about how the pollution has affected the minority group in one of the smallest states in the United State which Connecticut. We have made a video to educate people and learn more about it. After, the discussion I wrote a reflection about how pollution has affected my community. This is the reflection:

Since I was born, I lived in Kampong Cham province. It is one among other provinces that have Mekong river crossing. We have three big market that is very busy. If you cross the big nearby market, You would have the possibility of smelling the trash from the food. On the road, There isn’t a lot of trash as much as the trash in Phnom Penh city.

Sources in my community of pollution exist from the vehicles. Near the Kizuna bridge in my community is not badly affected. As the matter of fact, Cambodian usually use this bridge to cross to another province, the highway on the bridge and near the bridge is kinda busy. Due to my observation, I can see that the people who are affected by pollution live near the busy near the big markets or busy high. There used to be a lot of trash in the province due to the big celebration. The provincial chief has worked on it by collaborating with the students or other people to pick up trash in kampong cham city.

In general, To secure environmental justice in my community people should use less vehicle to reduce pollution. If they are traveling in the province they may use bikes instead. As a matter, bike or walking can reduce noise pollution and air pollution. It would also help saving space for the road from parking the vehicles.

Another research is about impacts and injustice or living near the filthy waste dump.

There were four countries to do research such as India, Philipines, Ethiopia, and Kenya. I choose Ethiopia to be the countries to write the paragraph and answer question to think openly about the impacts.

Ethiopia is part of the continent of Africa with a population of 105 million. Trash dumps are everywhere in the city and outside the city. Some are buried over 50 years ago.  the recent year 2017, A tall massive trash dump, has collapsed and killed at least 114 people. Some of them are still Buried under the ground and the new became a world tragedy.  It is so horrible and ridiculous for the people to be killed by trash.

  • Taken on March 12, 2017 shows a view of Addis Ababa from the main landfill on the outskirts of the city,

According to world economic forum news, 1,400 tons of trash is wasted every. A big waste management in Ethiopia is turning trash to cash. By burning it down into power. In the community, there will be a tank and when it fills the government will empty it out. The dumped of landfills has affected the nearby river,  create methane and greenhouse gases. A project is started by Alemayehu with Chinese ivy partner CNEEC join the revolution of turning waste to energy. This energy plant is designed to solve waste problems. According to CNN news, They are burning 1.4 million kilograms of waste each day that light up 30 percents of the household. There are also landfill communities with massive trash mountain. That is not manipulating really well. It causes death over the past years. Koshe dump mean “Dirty” it is the biggest trash dump that people live there.


Etymology/ The history of English language

Etymology is the study of the history of language and where it is from. One the first round of literacy, We’ve been focusing on this splendid lesson with excitement. As an English Learner, we’ve been trying hard to know and understand more about this language. The English language is from Latin and Greek and most of them are created in Church. There were so many articles that we read such as day’s name, black death, dog, Exhibition of work. All of the articles are related to how Language change over time. One example for the exhibitions is that it is the collection of his work that has written and made a big impact on English. His accomplishments are play and more. Moreover, the purpose of this round lesson is learning new vocabulary and the root word. Our teacher would us a home packet that contains 10 vocabularies and some exercise with word on Monday every week.

There were also a lot of interesting articles I’ve read about in this round. I’ve read about the silence GIF that people can hear the sound. The GIF contains the movement of voltage electricity that jumps over a rope and the picture shake. The scientist discovers and finds out that many people heard the sound when they look in the gif. As I sometimes also hear the GIF I think that people heard the sound because when voltage electricity jump and touch the group it will shake. It creates the sound from the brain because people see things falling and has the sound in their daily life.

This is the link to the article:


In math class this year it is harder than the last year. The book we are learning this round is Primary Mathematics 5A. We’ve learned more advance lesson about fraction, factor, multiplication, algebra and more. One of the most challenging lesson that most of the students were struggle was algebra. It requires us to think a lot to solve one algebra problem. After, spending time learning about it I think that is not that difficult if we try to do it. There are so many lessons that we are getting through right now. One of my favorite lessons is fractions. I feel comfortable to learned and solve the problem. There are some new strategies and knowledge in math that are being taught by the teacher. Not only that we use math book we’re also using online program learn. I use to be uncomfortable to solve a problem or catch up with the lesson before but right now I really love math because I spend my own trying to learn it a lot. I love how my teacher explains about each problem very clearly. Math is hard but it might get easier if you practice a lot.

Traveling Community Theater


  • This is the 1st example of the Theater 3D model

The excitement came after I knew I was going to be a part of Traveling community theater. The purpose of the exploration is to create movable theater that can travel anywhere in Cambodia. One more of our main goal is for Cambodia to gain experience from our movable theatre and gain knowledge from watching our educational play.

There are so many groups were divided among the member of 15 students. Groups changes over the period of 7 weeks. After divided group brainstorming, the teacher divided us into bigger groups such as video, 3D model, logo, crowdfunding,  and animation. I was in the 3d model group which I and my another teammate need to create one or more models of how our theater will look like in Sketchup. It was very useful because we get more idea after studying from the 3d models. I’ve learned to know very well about SketchUp and get creative about it. Before the 7 weeks end, we have some time to prepare the products and presentation for the sharation(The event that liger host to give the opportunity for students to share what they’ve learned). The task of my team is to print them in 3d models. Unfortunately, It didn’t go well with as plans because the 3d printing magic broke. Luckily, my team came up with a new solution which we can show the audience the model in the computer with animation.

In general, I had a lot of joy in participating and looking forward to the actual theatre to exist in real life. The exploration will continue for the next round that gives other students to have an opportunity for the new skill.


Wondering of an Atom

On the lesson that we’ve been discussing is the atom. The matter is made up of atom even if the atom is very small that we don’t have the ability to see it with our eyes. The center of the atom is called the nucleus. The nucleus is neutron and proton surround by the electron. The nucleus is made up of neutron and proton. Proton has charge well neutron has no charge. As a comparison, if an atom is the size of a stadium the nucleus would be the size of a peanut. It is very small. On the other hand, the smallest thing that has discovered so far is quark which is what created proton and neutron.

In general, I am amazed at how small atom is but there are still so many ingredients that made it up such as an electron, nucleus proton, neutron, and quark. I would love to have more opportunity to learn about science to allow myself to have more knowledge about it.

Image result for atom
This is an example of an atom that we use to learn more about an Atom

Deepening Algorithm

Introduction to Programming by a drawing game

For the first week of programming, We discussed was to demonstrate the three roles in programs world. Drawing led the students to under the concept of how programming work. There will be three students in a team to play each role. The instructor will give the instruction about how to draw the picture to the one who draws. The instructor represents the idea of doing something before turning to programming. Instructions writer would write the strategy that instructor use, which plays the role of programmer. The last process of programming is the drawer that plays the role after the program is printed out. An algorithm is also the part of programming because it finds the solution to solve a problem as programming does.


When it comes to an algorithm, it can be strategies that give us the ability to solve the problem easier. The strategies for a single problem can sometimes be unlimitable. The purpose of using an algorithm is to solve a problem better easier and faster.

An algorithm that we work on in class this week was to find the sum of (1+2+3+4+5+6……200). After, guessing the answer with different strategies we don’t really know if our answer is correct or incorrect. First, It was very unfathomable to find the efficient answer for the question. But we find out a very useful algorithm pattern for the problem. It is  N(N-1) and N stand for the last number of the sum problem which is 200.

To sum up, this splendid lesson has given me the opportunity to discern the basic of programming. It was like solving a problem by finding the best and efficient problem. I am looking forward to learning this kind of subject more to improve myself, as a person who passionate programming.



In Liger Leadership Academy, there are so many opportunities for every single student to take a risk and join in all of

those opportunities. The calculated risk taker is also one of our change agent characteristic which it happens when we make a decision to participate or face something without knowing that if it will be good or bad. Taking risk is good but not always good. There is a very big opportunity for women to have a chance to make an application and compete in the worldwide competition. It is a very long term that I have participated in this opportunity along with a lot of stories that changed me.

“We will have an opportunity which we call technovation. You will need to spend Sunday every weekend for 12 weeks to learn” Jan said. Jan is one of our teachers in liger that has left our school for many months but he is still in our memory. There were 19 girls out of 30 girls that have participated in this huge opportunity. We had decided the group by ourselves. We didn’t expect that it will be hard for us. It is very boring which we have to learn how to program for a solution to help solve the problem in our community. I was not passionate about programming before. I am the coder of the group but I didn’t understand every lesson. Every group in this opportunity would have to submit their app and many things to compete for the judging online. Before the finalists are announced we will need to join mini pitch which is a competition in our own country. Unfortunately, my team didn’t win both national pitch and finalist. I was very sad but I didn’t give up. A new year of technovation begins again.

I talked to my roommate and her name is Angely. We talked to each other and find out that we should be together as a team. We started to have some idea about the second year of technovation. We decided to choose two more people (Reaksmey, Wathana) to team up with us. The time went really fast and the second year of technovation started. It was the day when we have to choose the real group together in our school. We had selected one girl (Votey) to be in our team too. Our team name is Five Infinities and our app name is M.E.P Center. Before the half of 12 weeks, our idea is not M.E.P Center but it was an idea that we think it will never work. The old idea is the mental health. M.E.P stands for three words which are mechanical electricity and plumbing. I’ve learned so many things about programming. I understand a lot about coding and love all of those programmings. To me designing an app is one of the big things that can bring more user to use our app but the app should also work. I couldn’t believe that I can make a very good app to help my community. The suppliers can post their information and customers can post their company about mechanical electricity and plumbing problems. There are more functions and features such as login, sign up, about us, how to use, giving feedback, posting information, posting problem and more.

We went ICHING Decor company to present the idea of the app. The company said that the idea was fabulous and if we launch they will directly use it. It was a great time with the general manager of the company. We presented with the slide presentation and test the app with them. Most of the workers gave us some feedback to make our app better too.

Mini Pitch was on 29th April 2108. We won the first place in mini pitch which is the first competition to collect 12 teams to go to national pitch. Our mentor which is the teacher that came to teach us every week said that our team has the full score when the judge gave the score to our app. It was the best feeling ever. On 20th may 2018 we have to compete among 11 teams. The judge and audience were giving a lot of attention on us which is a really good clue for being the first place We won the first place in the junior division. When we presented the Idea to the judge we can that they really love our idea. We have to wait for the finalist to select to go to San Francisco that was announced on 31st may 2018. Unfortunately, we were not the group that selected to San Francisco. It was sad but I will keep up to learn more programming language. Even though we didn’t make to the finalist but we have made a really good app that helps our people’s lives to be easier.

This is our Five Infinities team winning the 1st place in the junior division
Five Infinities members with mentors







Khmer Literature Festival

Khmer literature festival was a very wonderful event that gives the chance for Cambodians to have more open ideas about Khmer literature. It was held in Battambang for 3 days.  The purpose of this big event was to give more knowledge to Cambodian about Literature and the rare opportunity for readers to meet a famous author. We’ve met many fabulous and famous author including Mr, Tim Many, Ms. Pol Pisey, and more.

On the first day, we had a poem competition. There were three liger’s students that participated in the competition to win other older people. I was one of those three people. Two of the students in the first place (Angely Rose and Thul Vutha) among other adults. Even though, I didn’t win I was very proud to participate in this splendid opportunity. I am proud to share my poem that describes the beautiful light that is growing in Battambang province.

I was very contented with the skills I gained from this events on the second days. We got to listen to the educational and motivated speech about youth writing from amazing authors. In the second day, we had a lot of discussion and questions about Khmer literature including writing a poem, short story, long story, publishing book and more.

On the third day was more than what I’ve expected because a lot of Cambodian got to watch so many performances. Those heritages are beautiful and meaningful including Ken dance and Chapey Dong Veng. Besides that, there was a very outstanding performance that was presented by Phare Ponler Silapak. This beautiful performance had a dance and amazing flexibility show.

In general, This was one of the first Khmer literature events I’ve ever joined. I get to receive and exchange ideas about the future and growth of Khmer literature with the other people. One of the skills I love is about Graphic design(Designing book cover) which was presented by Cambodian. I would love to give a big thank to the people that work very hard to make this event happen.