The Doors Within Liveliness

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Plant cell wall By: ThoughtCo

“life needs a membrane to contain itself so it can replicate and mutate” – Fran Lanting

Enclosed by the membrane (also known as the plasma membrane), every single cell has an entrance: the entrance to remain alive or depart life. Behaving as the barrier, it restricts unwanted substances from entering. In spite of that, it also carries the function of permitting essential materials needed for growth. This critical part of life mainly consists of phospholipids and proteins. It can be sorted into two bilayers called hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

“Water Fearing” and “Water Loving”

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“Hydro-” which means water is presented as the prefix in both of the words. Hydrophilic has the suffix of “-philic” which refers to fondness or love. Whereas, Hydrophobic has the suffix of “-phobic” which convey the meaning of extreme fear or dislike. This implies that the Hydrophilic layer prefers hydrophilic molecules with the tendency to dissolve or mix with water. Oppositely, the Hydrophilic layer’s preference is molecules that do not dissolve in water, unlike hydrophilic’s preference. The image above illustrates the hydrophilic heads facing out which act as the exterior of the cell membrane and hydrophobic tail facing each which acts as the interior structure. 

The Passage of Substances

Cell transport is known as the passages of different range of substances. Varieties of different ways can be done in order to provide needed substances for the cell to remain alive. Those can be classified into 2 majors types

Passive Transport – Transporting substances without the requirement of energy input.

1.  Simple Diffusion: Small molecules such as oxygen or carbon dioxide easily pass through the cell membrane by squeezing through the lipid layer molecule of the cell membrane. 

2. Osmosis: Osmosis helps to stabilize the fluid level to balance within and outside the cell. This can be achieved by permitting the water molecule in and out of the cell through the cell membrane. 

3. Facilitated Diffusion:  With the absence of facilitated diffusion, the hydrophilic molecules will not bypass the interior structure of the cell membrane. This type of diffusion separated into channel protein and carrier protein. Channel protein from tiny pores in the cell membrane allowing the hydrophilic molecule to pass through a hydrophobic interior. Carrier protein can carry substances by binding without diffusing substances.  

Active Transport- Transporting substances with the requirement of energy input.

1. Sodium-Potassium pump: The Sodium-Potassium pump moves sodium ions out of the cell while pumping potassium ions (K+) into the cell.

2. Exocytosis: Known as vesicle transport, exocytosis is the passage of substance to the outside of the cell. Appearing as vesicles, they fuse with the cell membrane and release the substance to the outside environment. 

3. Endocytosis: Endocytosis transport substance by pinching off the cell membrane while also carries the substance to the inside of the cell. 

This barrier acts as a wall in our bodies. It sets the boundary of cells by separating it from the outside environment. Apart from protecting the cell from infections. it operates beyond this. With the permeable layer, the crucial decision of countless molecule’s existence inside and outside the cell is made by the membrane. If cell membranes are inexistent, the cell will disastrously lose vital functions which only leads to the death of the organism. 

How to be happy when you aren’t what society expects

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A major key that leads to true happiness is being who you are. Unfortunately, this generation has created a boundary that told you to not get out. Societies have myriad of stereotypes and concepts that are being used to judge you as a person. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to be yourself due to the pressure that makes it seems like you must fit into the expectation of modern society. If you are a woman or man, society has created those categories they expect you to be in, rather than giving more freedom to be yourself. It is as if you’re being locked in a cage where you don’t have the ability to go to catch or show uniqueness inside your soul. Rather than thinking about other people criticism or opinion, use your time to be in your best true version. These are ways to just be yourself while you can feel better and be more confident.

The acceptance of being you

During your childhood, it is very easy to be yourself because no one really puts the pressure on kids to be in a certain way. In the process of growing,  you will be less good at being yourself due to the influence that society sets for you. It is okay if you don’t feel comfortable being who you are because of the way other people think about it. You don’t need to make yourself bigger or better while making others feel smaller than you. You’re beautiful, precious, lovely in a way not everyone can see. If you are a female and you love to have short hair, it is your right to do something you feel beautiful in. If you are male and love to put on makeup, remember everyone wouldn’t say it is beautiful but you should be proud of being brave. Being who you are with the criticism and the thought of other people might not be the situation you wish to be. Experiencing your uniqueness out of the cage of society is a gift the universe gives you to be different from others. Those criticisms can be unpleasant but being true to yourself can be the most beautiful life experience of all time. 

Acceptance is being able to feel beautiful in whatever you feel comfortable in. ” – Barbie Ferreira

Raise awareness 

After getting all of the criticism, you can know the feeling of being judged by other people from society. You understand all of those feelings for yourself and others. With all of the criticism involving in your life, you should be brave to help raise awareness for yourself, others and society. EndVowNow quoted, “Awareness-raising can be an important part of developing community support for changes in the informal justice sector”. By raising awareness, our people in this generation would have more freedom of being who they wish to be rather than a person that society sets for us.There are many campaigns or international days such as human rights, women’s right, pride day and more. Those messages such as campaign, events, conference as a community wouldn’t spread in one day. Change need times and participation from every human being. With effort and participation to raise awareness, our generation will be a place of freedom where we can be ourselves “regardless of our race, color, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”. (United Nations)

Awareness in our society has flipped all types of injustice on its head.” – Serj Tankian

Motivate yourself 

Caroline McHugh on The Art of Being Yourself Ted Talk quoted “What do you expect from life? And what life expects from you? ”. These two critical questions could be used to motivate yourself for not being what the society told you to be. It is the priority to think about what are the things you expect and what life expects from you. You can have a dream of becoming a dancer while your society says you should be a doctor. Don’t be afraid to stand up to follow the path you expect because life expects us to learn new things and never regret being who you are. Furthermore, you can also set a path for things you love to do without the need to get permission from our society stereotypes and criticism. People always make a mistake and from time to time you will learn from it. 

In Conclusion, never play a role as someone who society expected to be, show your uniqueness given from nature. Your talents, feeling, uniqueness are a part of you and it will always remain simply just by being yourself. Eventually, you’ll never be perfect to fit in everyone perspective but always remember that you live a life to please yourself not the society’s expectations.

These are the links that are inspiring for being yourself:



Poetry Study | An art to reflect your soul


The word Poetry has been used in English for more than 6 decades. It comes from the Greek word Poiētēs, meaning “to make”. Poetry is the genre created to express the emotion, feeling, loss and diversity of the human’s mind. There are different types and form of poetry in English literature. Furthermore, more than 50 types of the poem were created such as haiku, free verse, cinquains, epic, ballad, acrostic, sonnet, etc. They have a different structure, uniqueness, length, verse, rhythm and the core beauty of it. Poet prefers the poem by the rules or the styles of rhythm it has. 

Poetry is the essence of language and language is the mirror of the soul” Scott Griffin

Poetry is written at the small tip of a pen with emotion rushing through on the paper using letters. Good poetry can paint and illustrate the picture and emotion vividly. Moreover, it has the power to change people’s mind through the meaning of the words. Poetry is beyond definition hidden in imagination.  Continue reading “Poetry Study | An art to reflect your soul”

Responsible for independent learning


“You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”- Abraham Lincoln

As our life continues, we can’t deny all of the responsibility we have to take as a person. From days to days, we grow up to learn how to take care of and be responsible for our life. It’s best to be prepared for all of the responsibility as it continues to give us. One of the big responsibility we might take as we age is education. The beginning of school means responsibility is added to your life. You need to ensure you are managing your time for study, homework, social life and more. Learning is one of the top priority and you should complete all of the work given to you. Students are being told to do what the teacher gives. As the education system develop, independent learning is also a very crucial part that allows students to have responsibility, integrity, determination with all of the work they complete and the time that they used. 

The last round of English literacy is a very special round. I was allowed to have an independent learning experience. I can manage and arrange all of the work and ensure I am using my time wisely with responsibility and integrity. During the experience, independent learning helps me to learn in my own pace and improve the area I needed to improve the most. At the end of the round, I’ve read many articles, write an essay about how to be happy when you’re not what society expected, how I change Cambodia, poetry study. 

Apart from those accomplishments, I’ve also read a book called The princess dairy 1 written by Meggin Patricia Cabot. She is an American author of romantic and paranormal fiction for teens and adults. She has written and published over fifty books and is best known for The Princess Diaries, later made by Walt Disney Pictures into two feature films of the same name. It is talking about a girl named Mia Thermopolis. She was just living in her regular teen life. Even though she’s a quiet girl that only write most of her feeling in dairy given from her mother, she’s about to find out who she really. The day comes and her father tells her news that everyone is keeping a secret from her. She learns the astonishing news that she’s a real-life princess!. This book is very interesting as it was written as a diary with every little detail of her. Before reading this book I’ve read so many other books with different taste and It was great to read different types of book. 


Origination of Algebra

The Origin 

The origin of the word “algebra” is derived from the Arabic word الجبر al-jabr which comes from the title of a manuscript written by the mathematician Al-Khwarizmi in the 9th century. The root word means restoration or completion. The book title is “ الكتاب المختصر في حساب الجبر والمقابلة ” translated to The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing”. Algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols. One of the definitions of algebra is “the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations”. It is a good foundation before moving on to more complex part of mathematics. For decades, it has been used for many fields such as engineering, business, architecture, mathematics, science and more. 

The Importance

Algebra is one of the keys to understanding other advancements. In other subjects such as chemistry, physics, science, engineering, medicine, and economics depend on algebra. It teaches as beyond basic and is also the preparation before calculus and statistics. Learning algebra helps to develop our critical thinking skills as we’re trying to find the unknown answer to complete the problem. Furthermore, algebra can play roles in our every day including business, finance management, technology, cooking, sports, time management, etc.



Work and Machine

Machines can include large appliances, power tools, factory machines, or construction equipment. While all of those are machines, other simple tools such as hammer, screw, wheel, axle and more are also considered as a machine. They are defined as a simple machine.

A machine is known to make our work easier. By applying the force to the machine, the machine will apply force to an object. Applying force to the machine is called “Input Force”, and when a machine applies force to an object it is called “Output Force

Work = Force × Distance

Machines make work easier by increasing the amount of force that is applied, increasing the distance or changing the direction in which the force is applied. They do not increase the amount of work that is done, they just change how the work is done.

Simple machine

There are 6 simple machines:
  1. Lever
  2. Wedge
  3. Pulley
  4. Wheel and axle
  5. Inclined Plane 
  6. Screw

Compound machine

Image (School toolbox)

Compound machines are consist of one or two types of simple machines. The picture below shows an example of compound machines: 


Acid and Base | Lab Report

Acid and base are very crucial in our society. Without these two compounds, a variety of different product including paper, paint, detergent, soap, concrete wouldn’t exist.  

Even numerous types of foods contain acid and base. It is also very important for a living organism. One of the examples is many plants and fish needed a certain range of acid and base to grow and survive. 

While acid and base can be similar, there is a lot of differences between the two compounds. Both of these two compounds have the ability to conduct electricity. One of the differences in their properties. Acid taste sour when base tastes bitter. Acid produces positive hydrogen ions (H+) when dissolving in water. Whereas Base produces negative hydroxide ions (OH-). Another different is acid reacts with metal while the base doesn’t.

Different ranges of Acid and Base can be measured on a scale called the pH scale which ranges from 0 to 12. A pH value of less than 7 indicates an acid. The lower the number is, the stronger the acid. The higher the number is, the stronger the base

These are different cups of substances before we added the indicator

A certain compound can be an indicator that change color when acid comes in contact with them. In this experiment, red cabbage juice is used as an indicator to detect the PH level of acid and base. We can detect PH Level by observing the color of the substances after the indicator is added. In our experiment, we conducted an experiment with a different substance such as:

  1. Lime juice
  2. Vinegar
  3. Lime Soda
  4. Water
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Baking Soda
  7. Bleach
This picture shows the substances changes after adding the indicator.

A solution forms when one substance is dissolved by another. The substance that dissolves is called the solute. The substance that dissolves it is called the solvent. In the case, Lime juice, Vinegar, Lime Soda, Water, Toothpaste, Baking Soda, Bleach are solute. The cabbage represents the solvent. The solute is present in a lesser amount than the solvent. In another work, the cabbage is the indicator. After adding the indicator to the substance, we can see the obvious changes of the properties in each cups.

Existence of Angles | Math

Angles is one of the elements of geometry. It doesn’t only exist in the math world but it was created with a purpose. Before reading all of these post, considered you have ten seconds to think about why angle exist and what the point of learning it for the real world.

Angles have different name considered of how many degrees it turns. There are varieties of types listed in the textbook such as acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex and more. But what is the point of learning it to really apply to our real world?

Photography and Filming:

If you are a photographer,  you should know that there are different angles for taking a photo. If you don’t know or never learned angle it isn’t easy to take the photo without knowing where is the angle you want to take. When you learned and understand clearly about every type of angle, taking a photo in the angle you wanted to wouldn’t be hard at all. For filming, in the movie or video it must have different angle shot to put together with details without angle it will mess up around. With different angles in a video, it can make the video more interesting for the audience to watch. 


By: Catalyst

If you are an engineer, geometry is very important to many factors to make your project better. Furthermore, an angle can be a very important element for those too. Due to the fact that the engineer must think about the angle that the building is facing and the sun. The right balance of sunlight and daylight in a building is crucial to people’s wellbeing. If an engineer doesn’t consider it properly, the building might end up to be overheated. For people’s health, they also really want to stay in place with natural sunlight to work better.  

Playing golf: 

By: Andrew Rice Golf

When you’re playing golf, what you have to know is the angled wrist. In order to swing to the path, it needs to have the position and the right angle throughout the swing. You need to learn the skill of putting the right angle of your wrist to swing it into the right hole.

Where is the ISS? | Python

Imagine you could know where is the international space station located. It might be very fascinating and amazing to access to all of those data. Thanks to Nasa, they have those data display publicly on the internet. Those data include where is the Nasa space station located in real time and it can also tell us when it will cross over some places using longitude and latitude.

In Multimedia and Technology round 4, It was a fascinating lesson learning about different project and challenge about python from code club website. We apply our knowledge about for loop, while loop, list, dictionary and more by doing varieties of challenge give from code club. We complete those challenge and run it in a website called Trinket, which is code canvas.

One of the last projects I did was Where is the Space Station? Python challenge. What I’ve learned from this project is the Nasa provide a free source of where the international space located and when will it cross over any places in a web. It is also amazing that it was created in a programming dictionary form and you can access the value by using the key value name such as longitude and latitude. The information updates every second that the international space station move. This is the final project Where is the ISS?

There are other projects I’ve done:

Team Chooser:

Random Art:

You can also try many other projects in code club and try to do all the challenges in each of the project you choose.


Black Snake Experiment | Lab Report

What is Carbon?

The Significance of Carbon. A compound found mainly in living things is known as an organic compound. Organic compounds make up the cells and other structures of organisms and carry out life processes. Carbon is the main element in organic compounds, so carbon is essential to life on Earth

The true method of learning is always an experiment which is a procedure when you learn anything with implementation. There are thousands of physical science experiment done by the scientist or students. One of the experiments I have done with my teacher and classmate in round 3 of these years is the carbon black snake experiment. To demonstrate with a clear explanation of how carbon black snake experiment work, we will walk through it clearly:

First, we have a bowl of sand to give protection when we are working with fire. Then place sugar and baking soda as a small volcano in the middle. After that soak everything wet with Ethanol(Simply known as alcohol). Lastly, set it on fire with matches.



After following all of those instructions you begin to see what look like a black snake push through sugar and baking soda,


To set the ingredients on fire, the heat break bond between sodium in baking soda and carbon in the sugar. The black snake you are viewing is called “Carbon ash”. You may be wondering why the carbon ash is pushing through the sugar and baking soda while not just settle like typical carbon ash. It is just because of the carbon dioxide released into the air from the burning carbon that pushes those ash to grow up into the sky. The color of the snake due to the sugar being burned by the heat because after burning carbon always turn to black and release carbon dioxide. 

Afterward, this particular experiment is giving more detail, knowledge, and experience about carbon to you. It includes how carbon bonded with sodium by heat and the carbon ash pushes up by carbon dioxide. You can test this experiment with the following instructions and ingredients.