Where is the ISS? | Python

Imagine you could know where is the international space station located. It might be very fascinating and amazing to access to all of those data. Thanks to Nasa, they have those data display publicly on the internet. Those data include where is the Nasa space station located in real time and it can also tell us when it will cross over some places using longitude and latitude.

In Multimedia and Technology round 4, It was a fascinating lesson learning about different project and challenge about python from code club website. We apply our knowledge about for loop, while loop, list, dictionary and more by doing varieties of challenge give from code club. We complete those challenge and run it in a website called Trinket, which is code canvas.

One of the last projects I did was Where is the Space Station? Python challenge. What I’ve learned from this project is the Nasa provide a free source of where the international space located and when will it cross over any places in a web. It is also amazing that it was created in a programming dictionary form and you can access the value by using the key value name such as longitude and latitude. The information updates every second that the international space station move. This is the final project Where is the ISS?

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You can also try many other projects in code club and try to do all the challenges in each of the project you choose.


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